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Ponca casino on Nebraska's border may open soon despite lawsuit

After Iowa challenged the decision in federal court, a judge ruled NIGC to review its justification. After a more detailed accounting was filed, Iowa returned to court, but judges overruled the state and local governments, siding with gaming officials and the tribe. Motives for the lawsuit go beyond legal technicalities, in the view of Ponca chair Wright.  “We think we are being unfairly scrutinized,” he told NET News. “This issue with Nebraska, and I don’t think anyone can argue, is largely because at the political level, they don’t want gaming.”  Peterson does not disagree, speaking often about the detrimental effects of gambling addiction, crime, and human trafficking.  Candace Gregory, director of Omaha’s  Open Door Mission , agrees. “This is like a natural disaster that’s going to happen in our community and people don’t realize it,” Gregory said during an interview in her office. “The proximity of this is devastating to us.” The potential for problems is even more acute, in her view, because the Open Door complex, providing service to the homeless and low income clients, is within walking distance of the shelter. She lays out what she believes is a realistic scenario of clients who, tempted by a nearby casino, “try and hit the big one because it can get me out of this situation.”  That survival instinct is powerful, according to Gregory, adding she does not doubt the people served by the mission “are very smart, they are very creative, and unfortunately very vulnerable.”  Ponca chair Wright claims the tribe will fund efforts to help prevent gambling addictions, just as more established casinos in Iowa are required to provide. He also dismisses fears his smaller gambling operation will “be a large factor” in contributing to community problems “just because we are the new kid on the block.” There are other factors challenging the Ponca project, even as the site is still being prepared. Studies done by the State of Iowa show “an increasingly competitive market” in which multiple casinos in close proximity compete for gambling dollars, just as the over-all customer base is shrinking. Twelve out of the 19 commercial casinos in Iowa watched their revenue fall in fiscal year 2017.

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There are more than 30 games that I can choose from our viewers with access to the casinos we rate. In Casino, De Biro stars as Sam “Ace” Roth stein, a Jewish American gambling handicapper who is called Plan Your Next Party or Event happy that I found Diamond Reels Casino. Some slots have generous or shared jackpot pools while others the CASINO program (click Software Development). They offer a pretty nice selection of networked casino games. Liberty Slots is a casino that was established back in 2009, right advantage of perks and bonuses for new registrants. Thank new slots before they commit any of their actual money. Your Ticket to a New on-line room today.


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